David LaGrange

Drummer, Vocals

David LaGrangeDavid was born in Gloversville, living at home until the age of three, then in foster care homes throughout Fulton County.

At 14, he entered the New York School for the Blind in Batavia, NY, where he learned to play drums. David’s counselor at the school wrote in a report that David’s dreams were too big, he would never be in a band or release CDs and that he needed to face reality. David graduated and returned to Fulton County, moving into a Lexington home in Gloversville. He never gave up his dream of being in a band. In addition to his amazing drumming skills, David is a natural vocalist creating masterful harmonies for any song he hears. He was a key player in the creation of FLAME and came up with the name “Flame” to honor the Special Olympic Torch, which stands for hope and inspiration.

In addition to his love for music, David is a devoted Catholic who loves to share his faith. On April 7, 2007 David received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the age of 48.

His extraordinary ability to play drums, despite being blind and having an intellectual disability, is one of his many gifts that he loves to share with others.

David stated, “I am the happiest when people who listen to our songs are happy. I want to keep the flame of hope burning!”